High performance - low height

Powerful upstroking production press, designed for manual feed operation
6,300–25,000 kN

High quality embossing with hobbing option

The upstroking production press (PP) is used when small, top embossing quality batch sizes are required.

The PP is recommended if the room height at the installation site is restricted.  The upstroking drive is advantageous here.
In addition a higher daylight in the pressing area than for comparable downstroking presses is possible.

The machine can be used not only for manufacturing coins, medals and bars but also in combination as a hobbing press (EP).

There is also a partial automation option with the PP. However, the main feature is the manual feed.


  • Variable stroke
  • Variable pressing force and pressing speed in every stroke range 
  • Multiple pressing
  • Adjustable dwell time
  • Hologram function
  • Precision embossing tools


  • Compact, inherently stable, one-piece cast press stands with lower ram drive, designed for centric loading
  • Menu-guided press operation using the Siemens® S7 control unit
  • Press designed in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG