Highest minting quality even with the most difficult coin and medal images

Compact table medal press with standard direct servo drive
2.500 + 3.500 kN

Sensitive control systems for best results

The table medal press (TMP) sets the standards for minting coins and medals

The controlled, energy-saving servo drive enables all parameters in the embossing process to be set to deal with the part to be embossed.

There is a large number of options available, from the simplest manual feed solution through partial automation up to automatic production machines.

All feed units are designed in such a way as to ensure that the tool area is extremely accessible.

Tools can be changed in a very short time.

With the TMP we supply the most varied customised equipment models for coin manufacturers all over the world.

The press's small footprint is impressive. All units are fitted compactly onto a base plate. Presses can be assembled and commissioned in the shortest possible time.


  • Variable stroke
  • Variable pressing force and press speed in every stroke range
  • Multiple pressing
  • Adjustable dwell time
  • Hologram function
  • Lifting
  • Many different automation solutions, such as embossing bi-metal
  • Precision medal tools


  • Very short set up and tool changing times
  • Can be operated sitting down
  • Lower sound emission


  • Compact, inherently stable, one-piece cast press stands with upper ram drive, designed for centric loading
  • Assembled on a common base plate
  • Energy-saving servo drive
  • Menu-driven press operation using the Siemens® S7 control unit
  • Press designed in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG