Highest precision - minimum investment

The vertical spline press for internal and external gearing.
300-2,500 kN

The reasonably priced solution for gearing tasks

With optimised, energy-saving drives in the automotive industry in mind, considerably higher requirements have been imposed on drive system components.

The challenges are higher power transmission, higher torques but a smaller footprint at the same time.

Because of this development there is a greater requirement for drop-forged splines.

With the vertical splines press (VSP), Sack & Kiesselbach provides customers with a solution that offers both technological and logistical benefits compared with traditional technologies (e.g. rolling or reaming).

This relatively small, very user-friendly press can be configured to operate both manually and also automatically.

Apart from the splines press, the customer can also obtain a suitable tool system and appropriate process technology from one place.


  • Customer-orientated system solution
  • Very short set up and tool changing times
  • Precision tools systems


  • Compact, stable, one part press stands
  • Programmable S7 control unit for process and tool data
  • Maximum installation space for optimum accessibility and large tool sets