Transfer presses / TRP

Precise calibration – maximum output

Customisable transfer press with the safest parts transport in the forging industry
2,000–25,000 kN

As customer-orientated overall solutions based on turnkey machines, transfer presses (TRP) covers a wide range of forming technology.


Upstroking production press / PP
Sack und Kiesselbach Produktionspresse Modell PP2500
Sack und Kiesselbach Production Press Type PP2500

High performance – low height

Powerful upstroking production press, designed for manual feed operation 6,300–25,000 kN

The upstroking production press (PP) is used when small, top embossed quality batch sizes are required.

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Hobbing press / EP
Sack und Kiesselbach Einsenkpresse
Sack und Kiesselbach Hobbing press

Hobbing in highest precision

Upstroking hobbing press and tool system from one place
6,300–25,000 kN

The hobbing press (EP) is the reasonably-priced support for manufacturing toolings and stamps.


Downstroking press / OKP

Compact design and greater flexibility

Powerful downstroking press with many configurations 3,150-25,000 kN

Whether manual feed or automated, the downstroking press wins hands down because of its flexibility.

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Vertical splines press / VSP
Sack und Kiesselbach Vertikale Splines Presse 
Sack und Kiesselbach Verticle Splines Press

Highest precision – minimum investment

The vertical spline press for internal and external gearing
300–2,500 kN

With optimised, energy-saving drives in the automotive industry in mind, the drive system in vehicles has been given an entirely new remit.

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Hydraulic die assembler / MDO
Sack und Kiesselbach Matrizendrücker
Sack und Kiesselbach Die Assembler

Powerful support in tool construction

The die assembler covers a wide range of tool mounting tasks.
2.000–6,300 kN

The die assembler helps the tool maker in his daily tasks with the simplest possible but customarily reliable performance.

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