Sack & Kiesselbach’s core competency lies in manufacturing customized, turnkey press systems in Germany. To date, it has delivered more than 1500 such systems worldwide; in addition to the minting industry, the Sack & Kiesselbach client base also includes customers from various other sectors. As a medium-sized company with clear operational structures, the team is able to quickly, easily and—most importantly—flexibly cater to special requirements and work with clients to achieve personalized solutions.

Sack & Kiesselbach identified the importance of virtualizing oil-hydraulic press systems very early on, and implemented these successfully. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) enable technicians to see the next processing stage on the machine itself, allowing production and maintenance processes to be crucially optimized. It also facilitates tailor-made product variants, and thus efficient manufacturing of small, indeed even the tiniest of “batch sizes.”

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