The founders

Hugo Sack & Clemens Kiesselbach


Hugo Sack, the widely traveled engineer from Saxony, and Clemens Kiesselbach from Germany’s Eifel region, who knew everything there was to know about steam engines, founded Maschinenfabrik Sack & Kiesselbach in Ratingen, Germany, on April 27th, 1891. 130 years later, it still enjoys an excellent reputation.


The extensive range of products included all kinds of steam engines, both vertical and horizontal. The training and qualifications of both founders ensured the company continued to develop. But Hugo Sack also wanted to bring his ideas and patents to fruition by building heavy-duty (profile) rolling mills, and, in 1899, he founded Maschinenfabrik SACK.

This prompted the conversion of the general partnership into Sack & Kiesselbach GmbH, which was notarized on May 10th, 1899.


A contract for two steam drive units with flywheel for the Mannesmann Röhrenwerk pipe mill in Düsseldorf-Rath is seen as a milestone for the young company.

The retaining valve invented by Clemens Kiesselbach, which cut steam consumption by 50%, suddenly made Sack & Kiesselbach world famous; the 300-t steam engines with retaining valve were primarily delivered to rolling mills all over Europe, and saw its inventor conferred with the academic title of honorary doctor of engineering by Aachen’s University of Technology.


Sack & Kiesselbach also developed impressive solutions in the field of sealing technology. The German State Railway at the time recognized the advantages of standardizing “gland packing” for all locomotives.

This highly successful production only came to an end in 1973, when the switch was made to diesel and electric locomotives.

The fourth generation

Claus-Günther Knorr, great-grandson of company founder Clemens Kiesselbach, is a shareholder and director of the company’s fourth generation. He has presided over Sack & Kiesselbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH as managing partner since 2006, after also doing so in 1986. At the company’s 125th anniversary in 2016, Claus-Günther Knorr flagged the next 125 years of the company’s success story. 

Since 2016

The company’s management set the course for a successful future by relocating from Düsseldorf to Meerbusch, on the other side of the Rhine, after 125 years. The latest technologies are both a challenge and incentive to constantly expand the product range. Solid technical skills, a strong innovative spirit, personal consulting, and the proverbial reliable service are what make up the Sack & Kiesselbach company philosophy of SETTING STANDARDS. 


Today, the Sack & Kiesselbach industrial presses service all manner of applications right around the globe. Pressing rather than milling: Sack & Kiesselbach has a sound overall concept for economical production, and spares no effort in achieving customized solutions tailored to a wide variety of requirements. The customer is involved in the process right from the outset. High-precision minting of coins and medals entails much more than a perfectly designed press. The tablet punch, a Sack & Kiesselbach innovation, has set standards and filled order books. Ensuring all elements of the manufacturing process co-ordinate seamlessly requires EXPERIENCE, KNOW-HOW, and PASSION.

Equipped for the future

“We have always considered ourselves a comprehensive system suppler,” says managing director Markus Schlein. “Our work starts right from the detailed analysis and consulting. We don’t just sell production machinery; we focus on the entire process chain, from CAD design to the finished product.

We relish every new challenge, and are perfectly equipped for the future. VR and AR are important parts of our work. We see ourselves as pioneers, not as managers of things already achieved. This is the purpose and intention that define the daily work of the Sack & Kiesselbach team.”