World Money Fair 2019 - Berlin
Precision in Perfection

Today, proof quality itself is not enough for many of our customers.
With this statement we invited to the World Money Fair 2019 at the beginning of January and were confirmed at the fair.

As in 2018, we presented this year again a press live on the show. This time a Table-Medal-Press TMP-250, combined with a special transfer unit for smallest medals and bars.
Our guests were convinced by the precision of how 0.5g gold plates with a material thickness of only 0.3mm were minted fully automatic.

This year we also took the opportunity to focus on the subject of quality control. In cooperation with the company Induvis we presented the first in-line camera inspection system as an extension and option for our new Table-Medal-Automate TMA-350. Such an inspection unit will soon be installed on a TMA-350 of the Mint of Poland and tested under production conditions.

On Saturday 02nd February, numerous specialists from the coin industry met at the Sack&Kiesselbach booth for a workshop on the subject of camera inspection in the production of medals and bars.The meeting took place in line with the "Automated Coin and Blank Inspection" working group of the MDC-TC (Mintdirectorsconference-Technical Committee). Representatives from Canada, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Germany attended the one-hour workshop. With the results from this meeting and from following working groups, we develop customer-oriented solutions and results, which we will present in South Africa until the Mint Directors' Conference (MDC) 2020 in Cape Town.