Table medal press / TMP

Highest embossing quality even with the most difficult embossed images

Compact table medal press with standard direct servo drive
2,500 + 3,500 kN

Sensitive control systems for best results. The table medal press (TMP) sets standards for embossing coins and medals

Up stroking production press / PP
		Sack-Kiesselbach-Press-Model-PP2500-Produktion Press


High performance – low height

Powerful up stroking production press, designed for manual feed operation
6,300–25,000 kN

The up stroking production press (PP) is used when small, top embossed quality batch sizes are required.

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Hobbing press / EP
Sack und Kiesselbach Einsenkpresse
		Sack und Kiesselbach Hobbing press


High precision hobbing

Up stroking hobbing press and tool system from one place
6,300–25,000 kN

The hobbing press (EP) is the reasonably-priced support for manufacturing coin embossing stamps.

Down stroking medal press / OMP
		Sack-Kiesselbach-down stroking medal press


Proof quality with maximum flexibility

The multifunctional down stroking medal press is available in many models

3,150–25,000 kN

Whether manual feed or automated, the OMP wins hands down because of its flexibility.

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