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Marke Niederrhein - Maschinen für Europameister-Medaillen

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Markus Schlein has been made authorized manager at Sack & Kiesselbach

On the occasion of the 125-year company anniversary of Sack & Kiesselbach, CEO Claus-Günther Knorr announced that Markus Schlein will be promoted to authorized manager.

Sack & Kiesselbach has been in business for 125 years. The company has kept its customers' attention and affection through its engineers' constant innovation and the duration of its products. Markus Schlein has been working for Sack & Kiesselbach since June 2013. Chief executive officer and principal owner Claus-Günther Knorr has now rewarded his dedication by making him authorized manager. His appointment took place during the festivities of the 125-year celebration of the company's founding.

Mr. Knorr and Mr. Schlein

Markus Schlein (*1981) started his career with an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at Schuler Pressen GmbH in Göppingen. A lot has happened since he completed the program in 2000. He got his advanced technical certificate, studied mechanical engineering at the Göppingen campus of the Hochschule Esslingen and was rehired by Schuler Pressen GmbH, where he then worked as a constructer in high speed technology. His specific task was the mechanical construction of high-speed presses. Thus he was jointly responsible for the series expansion of the high performance blanking line SAK Mark II.  

Working as trainer and seminar adviser at Schuler Akademie, Markus Schlein showed his talent in social interaction and was thus relocated to international sales and distribution. Until the end of his occupation at Schuler, he represented the sales department of minting technology being in charge of the complete Asian market. 

In 2013, Markus Schlein changed to Sack & Kiesselbach, one of the most important manufacturers of oil-hydraulic presses. These presses are – mostly, but not exclusively – used in the minting process. To the enthusiastic and dedicated seller and technician, the small and mobile enterprise offered the opportunity to implement his ideas in cooperation with a motivated team. Schlein's latest project is building a prototype for an entirely new generation of oil-hydraulic medal presses. 

Claus-Günther Knorr has now rewarded his young employer's commitment with the responsible function as authorized manager. While Michael Baum will still be in charge of purchase and service, Markus Schlein will take over sales, project management and design.



We're moving!

Sack & Kiesselbach is acquiring its new head office on the same day as its 125th anniversary. From March onwards, we will be working on the other side of the Rhine River, just a few kilometres away as the crow flies.

Our new contact details

(as of 29 February 2016)

Sack & Kiesselbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Langster Str. 9
40668 Meerbusch
Telephone: +49 (0) 2150 75 62-0
Fax.: +49 (0) 2150-75 62-100

Sack&Kiesselbach Head-Office in Meerbusch


Gold for Germany!

Sack & Kiesselbach is involved.

Krakow, 31 January: Germany is the European handball champion. We congratulate them and are proud - of ourselves. Because we too played our part in the triumph. The medals for the European handball championship were minted on a Sack & Kiesselbach press. In world champion quality of course.

The medals of the Handball-EM 2016 were made on a Sack & Kiesselbach press.

The renowned Mint of Polen was responsible for manufacturing them. The medals are 88 mm in diameter and weigh 250 g. The basic material consists of brass (tombak) and were plated with 24 carat gold or coated with 999 sterling silver for the different versions.

The Artur Gosiewski design stands for dynamics, team spirit and a challenge. We think that this also applies to Sack & Kiesselbach.